Mission Statement

The Live-In exists for the purpose of evangelization: to bring people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; and to develop in those who already have this relationship, a deeper, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.


Father Clair Watrin, C.S.B. is the founder of the Live-In. It was originally developed as a result of his work with youth in the Search program. The first Live-In was held in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, in the fall of 1972.  The current spiritual director of the Lethbridge Live-In is Fr. Roque Perreira

From the beginning, we have recognized our dependency on the grace of God. Consequently, the preparation and the work at the Live-In is immersed in, and surrounded by, prayer.

Most people who attend a Live-In, experience a deep peace and new outlook on their life. They often have a fresh desire to pray, to read scripture, and to become active in a Christian faith community.

What is a Live-In?

A Live-In is a weekend retreat with the theme of “Getting to Know Jesus”. While the Live-In is a retreat type experience, it differs from the usual retreat style, which emphasizes silence and prayer.

The whole purpose of the Live-In Weekend is to lead those who come to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Most people who make a Live-In experience the presence of Jesus, finding a new peace and a deeper faith. And many people say that after their Live-In they receive a whole new outlook on their Christian faith and on their life, finding greater meaning to life and a new desire to pray and read the Scriptures.

The program involves a series of talks and discussions pertaining to the Christian Life. There are a variety of speakers from various walks of life. The entire program is instructive, uplifting, and enjoyable. There are a variety of activities including recreation.

The weekend is ecumenical in nature – you will experience worship from various Christian traditions, including a Catholic Mass.

Sponsored by the Lethbridge People of Praise Society